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Luciana Soares

8 good reasons to travel to Italy, a country full of stories

Luciana Soares July, 2021

If you are thinking of traveling to Italy, you should not miss this post! Of course, we are suspicious because there is no secret that we are crazy about Italy. In any case, the truth is that Italy enchants like no other country.

Perhaps, you might ask: why is Italy so fascinating? We have some thoughts. First, we can mention the natural beauty and the human creations. Second, as important as the first, the several stories that Italy can tell and offer to its visitors.In this article, we will help you answer that question. We have eight reasons for you to travel to Italy and understand why it is a country full of stories.

Find out 8 reasons to travel to Italy

1. The flavors

First, the flavors. They are one of the wonderful reasons to travel to Italy. The Italian gastronomy is one of the most revered in the world and it is often associated with pasta and pizza.

However, many other flavors are Italy’s trademarks: the amazing wines, coffee and its thousand forms, the gelato, the cheese (mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, gorgonzola, fontina, pecorino… the list is immense!), the incredible wines, the ham, the white tartufo, the olive oil, the sweets, desserts and spices… In Italy, food is as diversified as its people and culture.

If you take a trip to Italy dedicated to gastronomy, you will find out that the flavors reflect Italy’s immense geographic and cultural diversities hidden behind the several stories from its people, traditions and the connection with the land. In Italy, food is taken seriously and it has to do with passion, pride and the way of life. Italy is a country full of stories where food has a special place.


2. The incredible cities

Vista panorâmica do skyline de Roma, na Itália, ao pôr do Sol

Italy is a symbol of amazing cities. It does not matter if it is your first or tenth trip to Italy and which its region you go to. In Italy, you will be amazed by the fascinating cities.

Each of them has its own characteristics and stories, almost like the people. Milan, Turin or Portofino, for example, they have elegance as their trademark. Others, like Florence, are home to ingenious works of art. Others keep history/stories of romance, like Venice and Verona. In Puglia, Matera has rise and fall histories.

We could not forget the colorful and lively cities of the Amalfi Coast, which inspired so many people such as the stupendous Rome, which its nickname is the “Eternal City.” Would you like to dedicating yourself to a trip to Italy, finding out incredible cities and making them scenarios of your own stories?



3. The art

Along with the gastronomy, art is perhaps Italy’s greatest ownership. After all, it is the land of artists and artworks that changed the world. If you think we are overstating, just remember that the Renaissance was born in Italy, which transformed not only the arts but also the philosophy, the science and the Western way of thinking.

Furthermore, Italy is the birthplace of geniuses such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Artemisia Gentileschi, Giotto, Caravaggio, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, Dante Alighieri and many others. More than famous names, these artists are the protagonists behind the history of Italian art, a pillar of the Western art.

From classical art to the Renaissance, from baroque to futurism, Italian art can be seen in incredible museums as well as on the streets of cities like Florence and Rome. If you are looking for reasons to travel to Italy, art is definitely one of them.


4. The fashion

Teto em vidro e lojas da Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle, um dos lugares ligados à moda em Milão, na Itália

Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Fendi, Armani, the list of legendary Italian names is huge. After all, it is impossible to deny the importance of Italy in the fashion history.

What you may not know is that, in Italy, fashion is just one of the facets of its people who have developed a great artistic and aesthetic capacity over the centuries. In Italy, there is a lasting work tradition such as fabric production, leather artefacts, jewelry, lace and much more.

On a trip to Italy, you cannot miss visiting the world fashion centers like Milan. Likewise, you cannot miss the local artisans who create the most authentic side of made in Italy. In sum, if you are crazy about fashion or if you simply love things made with perfect aesthetic care, bear in mind that fashion is one of the great reasons to travel to Italy.


5. The landscapes

Paisegm campestre com colinas e ciprestes na Toscana, um dos locais indicados para viagem para Itália

Definitely, the landscapes are one of the greatest reasons to travel to Italy. After all, it is not pretentious to say that the country is a real natural masterpiece with diverse and wonderful landscapes.

Even if the beauties created by the human hands were not considered– and believe me, there are many! – Italy would be a worthy place to visit at least once in your life. In the North, you find the snowcapped peaks of the Alps with majestic mountain ranges painted in white. On the Amalfi Coast, you can dive into the deep blue sea. In Tuscany, you will be enchanted by the soft green hills, the cypresses and sunflower fields. In Lombardy, you can feast your eyes on Lake Como and in Sicily, the beaches or the volcanic landscapes of Etna.

Besides, you have the paradisiacal beaches of Sardinia, the flowery fields of Umbria, the wild beauty of Valle d’Aosta (the Aosta Valley). In sum, if you choose to travel to Italy, the breathtaking landscapes will be the scenery (and the inspiration) to live your own unforgettable stories.

A cidade de Varenna, à beira do lago di Como

Paisagem com vinhedos em Costiglion d'Asti, no Piemontei


6. The beaches and the coast

Speaking of reasons to travel to Italy, we must mention the beaches and the coast. First, they are from North to South of the country. There are no less than 7,500 km (4,660 miles) of a rich coastline, which makes Italy a perfect country for sea lovers.

Italy’s coastal cities are many and postcard-worthy, each with its own charm and breathtaking views. This is the case of the Amalfi Coast, with its colorful houses overlooking the sea, the Cinque Terre or the luxurious Capri.

Along with the coastal cities, the beaches in Italy are also very varied: small or large, with pebbles or sand, busy or calm and wild… there is a perfect beach for everyone! Places like Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily are full of paradisiacal beaches with crystal waters. Definitely, the beaches and the coastline of Italy are an excellent reason to travel to Italy.

Vista da Cala goritze na Sardenha, uma das praias na Itália


7. The luxury

Vista do mar do hotel il san pietro, sem positano, uma das cidades na costa amalfitana

Luxury lovers will not be disappointed when they choose to travel to Italy on their next vacation. There are many reasons for that such as fashion, which we have already mentioned.

Whether in Milan’s famous Fashion Quadrangle, Rome’s elegant Via Condotti, or Florence’s Via de’ Tuornabuoni, there is no lack of options to enjoy and buy luxury products. We can also mention that the country currently has 371 Michelin-starred restaurants, offering high-end dining experiences.

Likewise, luxury is in wonderful 5-star hotels from North to South. Yet, you can have unforgettable travel experiences such as driving a Ferrari and other luxury car rentals, going on a private boat tour around Capri, flying in a helicopter over the Alps and much more. Finally, there is a great luxury of authenticity in food and the rhythm of life in regions such as Piedmont and Puglia, where the art of living well is taken seriously.



8. La dolce vita

Casal sentado na frente do mar em Cefalu, na Sicília, com mar azul e casas brancas

The last reason to travel to Italy is actually a mixture of all the others mentioned previously. La dolce vita (the sweet way of life) is an expression in Italian that refers to a life of pleasures.

Incredible cities, rich and delicious cuisine, cinematographic landscapes and huge aesthetic appreciation make Italy the perfect place for a sweet life. In fact, we are not just talking about the locals who can enjoy it the whole year. On a trip to Italy, even those who do not live in the country have the opportunity to find out and experience all the indulgences of la dolce vita.


Have you enjoyed these 8 reasons to travel to Italy?

We hope we have helped you understand a little bit why Italy is such an amazing country. A country full of stories, which invites us to dream of unforgettable trips. By the way… what stories do you want to live in Italy?

If you were inspired and want to plan your trip to Italy now, talk to us!Our team of experts in Italy is at your disposal to create the perfect personalized itinerary for you to enjoy these and other Italian wonders.

Luciana Soares is a journalist passionate about traveling. She works at Cieli di Toscana and has lived in Florence. She knows and loves the beauties of the region.


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