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Bricio & Lorena

It all started with a simple desire to return to Italy… the desire grew as we talked about the possibility of celebrating our 10 years together and 7 years of marriage. So, we started searching the internet for some destinations that we liked. It was then that Bricio found the “Cieli di Toscana”.
We were delighted with the agency’s proposal to carry out a personalized itinerary, which would especially meet our wishes and desires. We go through a long process of choices and adjustments until we finish the trip of our dreams. There were many expectations and fears of not working out, given that, due to the pandemic, borders were closed to Brazilians, until almost on the eve of our departure.
But the universe conspired in our favor and everything worked out! Anyway, on 04.03.2022 we set sail for Rome, heading for our much-desired trip! These were unforgettable days, a unique experience that will remain in our memories and in our hearts. Our trip had several high points, but we could not fail to highlight two more than special moments: the first was the truffle hunting tour, when we can enjoy unspeakable sensory pleasures, whether in the affectionate reception given by the Luca, great human being, gentle and sensitive; or for the contact with the beautiful nature and with the beautiful feelton (the most friendly and lovable doggo in the world); and, finally, for the great pleasure of tasting freshly made pasta, with the special flavor of truffles, accompanied by a divine wine, by a fireplace, to warm our body and soul. And the second remarkable moment was the bike ride along the walls of Lucca! The day was beautiful, and the place was stunning, just like the scenarios we see in movies. To complete the perfection of the experience, we recorded a playlist of special songs for the entire journey. We are sure God was there!!! We cannot describe such happiness. So our days went on.
Cieli’s team was tireless in trying to provide us with all the joy and pleasure, with pampering in the room, with kind surprises, and with total availability to serve us and support us to overcome any unforeseen circumstances. EVERYONE who is part of this company was handpicked! Competent, helpful and very friendly people. That was our experience! Thank you to each one of Cieli who contributed to making our dream come true.

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