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Luciana Soares

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari in Italy? What you should know about living this incredible experience.

Luciana Soares July, 2020

If you look for ​​unique and personalized experiences, you need to know how much renting a Ferrari in Italy costs. It can vary from € 1,100 to € 1,900 per day, but there are other options we will talk about in this text.

Besides making the tours more dynamic, driving a world famous sports car with all the luxury design made in Italy brings a unique experience to your trip.

If you have doubts about the cost of renting a Ferrari in Italy, if the investment is worth it and the bureaucracy involved, keep reading this article! We will help you by answering the 5 most common questions about it.

Is it worth it to rent a car in Italy?

Ferrari vermelha nas estradas da Toscana

If you like to have autonomy, unexpected destinations as well as unplanned stops on your itinerary, the answer is: yes! Without a doubt, it is worth renting a car in Italy.

If you are on a romantic tour in Tuscany for example, driving a car enriches the experience with unpretentious stops in small typical villages in the region, such as Pienza, Pitigliano, the picturesque village of San Quirico d’Orcia, the Chianti and its wine tours and so on.

Another option is to rent a Ferrari to explore in details your itinerary along the Amalfi Coast with strategic stops to enjoy the breathtaking views of Sorrento or Positano. In this case, we only have one observation: in July and August the region is usually very crowded, so the traffic can be more intense and the experience more tiring.

Estrada curvilínea, mar e céu azul na Costa Amalfitana

If you are not traveling in large groups (which would require more vehicles to be rented or a specific vehicle), having a rental car offers autonomy and independence to your trip, making it more pleasant and surprising!

You can also choose to travel with a driver, which is the best idea to entirely dedicate yourselves to the tourist life, without worrying about parking lots, parking the car or the traffic.

Why renting a Ferrari in Italy?

Quanto custa alugar uma Ferrari na Itália para percorrer as estradas da Toscana

Far beyond the experience of renting a car in Italy, it is an opportunity to rent a Ferrari in Italy. It is one of the most well-known and desired sports cars in the world. It is a perfect plus for any trip for being a special Italian treasure, more specifically from the city of Maranello.

With that in mind, anyone who visits Italy can make the experience even more exclusive having a Ferrari to drive between tours and discoveries.

After all, imagine: how incredible can it be to drive a car as emblematic as a Ferrari on the Italian streets?

If you have already chosen a Ferrari to your tours and experiences, it is important to know how much it costs to consider it in your budget. Go to the next topic and clear up all your doubts!

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari in Italy?

Quanto custa alugar uma ferrari na Itália

To understand how much it costs to rent a Ferrari in Italy, it is important to consider a few factors: the first is the quality of the car, classified as a first-class sports car. The second is the value added to the experience, capable of making any moment even more special. Thinking about it, reinforcing what we pointed out at the beginning of the article, the rental price of a Ferrari can vary from € 1,100 to € 1,900 per day, depending on the requested model and for how long.

Another option is to test drive a Ferrari for a few minutes or hours in Maranello, for example. In this city, you can visit the Ferrari Museum and the incredible attractions about the legendary car and its founders. It is also possible to hire a specific service to drive a Ferrari for a shorter period of time (usually from 10 minutes to 2 hours). For these test drives, rental prices vary from € 100 to € 1500 per person and the tours are guided by an instructor. There are even more expensive options such as driving race cars at the Modena Racetrack, like a professional driver!

What documents do I need to rent sports cars in Italy?

You already know how much it costs to rent a Ferrari in Italy. How about understanding the process of driving the car of your dreams for a day or more?

The process of renting a luxurious car is similar to renting a conventional car. The good news is that if you want to venture out as a driver, you do not have to go through any extra bureaucracy in Italy: just present your valid driver’s license, an IDP (International Driving Permit) and your passport.

The International Driving Permit is a document of international validity, a kind of translation of your driver’s license. It allows you to drive in the countries that are part of the Vienna Convention. You can easily get this document from an authorized company.

Although few rental companies and even the Italian police ask for IDP, it is essential to have it in order to avoid problems.

It is important to know that the extra expenses are usually not included when you rent a car, such as gasoline and tolls. Also, it requires a security deposit payment in advance. Therefore, you should consider an estimated extra amount in the total cost of your rent!

How to start making your dream trip to Italy come true?

Estrada na Toscana, perfeita para curtir uma Ferrari

You know already how much it costs to rent a Ferrari in Italy. How about making this dream come true? 

Cieli di Toscana’s team can help you find the best way to rent your vehicle and live the most breathtaking experiences on board the most emblematic car in Italy!

Besides, our team of experts in Italy can help you prepare a tailor-made trip including all the services you desire.

We will create an itinerary entirely based on your preferences. You will find in it useful information and suggestions of the best of each city: what to visit, how to get to the desired destinations, the best restaurants, places to go shopping, unmissable experiences and much more.

We only recommend places that we already know. So, you will not have unpleasant surprises on your trip. 

Furthermore, arriving in Italy, our local English-speaking staff will be available to make your experience even more complete and peaceful.

Do you want to see what Cieli’s customers say about their experiences in Italy? Check the following testimonials out:


Finding Cieli di Toscana was like finding the Genie of the Magical Lamp and having all our wishes fulfilled.”

Famílias Constantin e Trajano


“It was an unforgettable experience. Surprising is perhaps the best word to define the experience of traveling with Cieli ❤”

– Juliana Libonati & Pedro Pessoa 


“As usual, Cieli di Toscana offered us excellent services. We loved being in Tuscany again!”

– Juliana Djick & Alexandre


It is time to make your dream trip come true! Get in touch with us and we will design together the best itinerary for you!

Luciana Soares is a journalist passionate about traveling. She works at Cieli di Toscana and has lived in Florence. She knows and loves the beauties of the region.


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