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Luciana Soares

7 itinerary options for your trip in Piedmont

Luciana Soares June, 2020

Are you dreaming of a peaceful and delightful trip and chose Piedmont as your destination? So, this post is for you!

Piedmont, in the north of Italy, is the land of good life. Here, everything is tranquility and nobility: the delicate flavors, the refined food, the history, the stunning landscapes, the time that unfolds unhurriedly. That is why the concept of slow food was born here.

Unlike Italy’s most visited cities and regions, Piedmont has fewer imposing monuments, fewer tourists and less rush. Your trip through Piedmont will be full of elegance, tranquility, landscapes, gastronomy and the highest level of wines. These are the region’s strengths. “Why to run?”, Piedmont seems to ask us, and it replies: “Life is better in small doses of great pleasures …”

For these and other reasons, Piedmont is one of the ideal Italian destinations for a romantic or gastronomic trip. How about start dreaming and planning this trip?

We have selected 7 experiences you cannot miss on your Piedmont itinerary!

Visiting Turin surroundings

Vista dos jardins da Reggia di Venaria Reale nos arredores de Turim, Itália.

As if its own charms were not enough, Turin has around several places of notable beauty and history that are worth visiting, such as La Venaria Reale and La Sacra di San Michele. They are incredible places to include on your Piedmont itinerary.

Exploring Turin’s charming cafés Café Al Bicerin em Turim.

Historical cafés are part of Turin’s soul. It must be part of any itinerary in Piedmont! Intellectuals and artists used to meet in these cozy places. Let yourself be carried away by coffee’s aroma and taste some of them like Al Bicerin or Baratti & Milano.

Visiting wineries and tasting wines
Imagem da vinícola Ceretto.

Piedmont is home of some of the greatest wines in the world, including Barolo, known as the king of the wines. Impossible to go on a trip in Piedmont and not visit wineries and taste wine.

Tasting the White Truffle from Alba
Ravioli de batata com molho e tartufo bianco

With its unparalleled perfume, the white truffle is the most desired and expensive of all. It is typical in Piedmont, especially in the fall. In an amazing restaurant or on a hunt through the woods of the region, you cannot miss the reverenced white truffle of Alba. A Piedmont itinerary for foodies must pass through Alba!

Delighting at (many) Michelin-starred restaurants
Prato do estrelado restaurante Dolce Stil Novo de Alfredo Russo no Piemonte.

The high number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Piedmont proves the gastronomic quality of the region. Your itinerary in Piedmont cannot miss these award-winning osterias, family trattorias or refined restaurants. The stars are everywhere.

Let yourself be fascinated by the natural beauty of the Langhe:
Por do sol no Langhe. Imperdível em um roteiro no Piemonte.

When a landscape is named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can already imagine how much beauty it holds. Smooth hills, with vineyards to lose from your sight, are especially beautiful in the fall. Prepare the camera for the wonders of the Langhe.

Visiting Lake MaggioreVista aérea da Isola Bella

The second largest Italian lake is fascinating. Historic villas, gardens, the Alps on the horizon … It is an extra charm and romanticism to your itinerary in Piedmont!

Do you want to know more about itineraries in Piedmont or plan your trip there? Talk to us and we will schedule a conversation to help you organize your tailor-made trip to this paradise with our complete dedication!

Luciana Soares is a journalist passionate about traveling. She works at Cieli di Toscana and has lived in Florence. She knows and loves the beauties of the region.


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