Romanza: Honeymoon in Italy

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​Romance, what is it made of? It’s made of dream, fantasy, passion, and innovation. Therefore, few things have connection with romance as well as a trip!

Romanza – Honeymoon in Italy is our proposal for you to celebrate in great style: 5-star hotels, romantic dinners, wine tasting and gastronomic experiences, convertible cars to enjoy the open sky view of the beautiful highways, private boats to gaze at amazing landscapes, and much more.​

Italy has the talent for romance. From north to south, the country is full of cities that invites you to celebrate your love.

Venice is magic, as if it came out from a fantasy book. With bridges, channels and labyrinth-alleys where it’s delightful to lose yourself in, it’s perfect for in love couples. Near Venice, there is the Romeo and Juliet’s land, Verona. Tuscany is not less, with little mediaeval cities, vineyards worthy of postcards, excellent gastronomy, and sunflower fields. More to the South, Rome, the Eternal City, exhales sensuality and beauty, inviting the romantic indulgences between tours of historic sites and incredible restaurants. And what about the charming Capri and the Amalfi Coast, full of colorful cities that lays down into the Mediterranean Sea?

And there’s also Piemonte, Umbria… You do deserve to enjoy your honeymoon in this incredible country, which is pure romance!

Here you have some samples of what we can organize for your honeymoon in Italy. Everything is customized, starting from a conversation we have with you. We are experts in tailor-made trips and what moves us is your happiness. Therefore, there is no one better to take care of your honeymoon than Cieli di Toscana.

Come celebrate your love with us!

What can you expect

Accommodation in one of the best 5-star hotels:  in a magnificent restored medieval village, in a castle inside a vineyard, in a luxurious hotel in the countryside or overlooking the sea, among other romantic options.

Customized travel guide: created according to the couple’s profile. We seek to know your love story to make your honeymoon be a continuation of it. We are experts in the regions we work with and we elaborate a travel guide with the best of each region and the most romantic experiences!

Balloon or bike ride in Tuscany: perfect for adventurous couples or those wishing a different and super charming experience!

Private boat trip: if your trip includes the Amalfi Coast and Capri, how about sailing with your love on a private boat through the deep blue of the Mediterranean?

Romantic picnic: few things are as romantic as a picnic. If it is in a bucolic country setting, in the garden of a winery or in the private area of a hotel, then… A must do!​

Photographic registration: an unforgettable trip deserves to be registered! A photographer can capture the best moments of your trip or even create a photo book of the most beautiful cities and sceneries!

Convertible car rental: What about you and your love driving in style in beautiful roads and landscapes in a convertible BMW, Ferrari or Maserati?

Romantic dinners in exclusive places: for you to celebrate the honeymoon and the special moments of the trip.​

SPA for two: relaxing massages and wellness and beauty treatments at the best SPAs, next to your love. What a delight!

Cooking Class: For couples who love good food, a high-class cooking class is an incredible and fun experience. Learn about typical Italian cuisine: fresh and stuffed pasta, the famous Italian tomato sauce and more.

Tour guides fluent in English: get to know each place with the help of specialized tour guides, who will help you better explore the region, with all the details of history, cuisine, culture, landscapes and more.

Pampering and surprises of Cieli di Toscana: Honeymoon is a special moment, so we will make our best to provide you special moments and surprises to brighten your experience!

The best 5-star hotels

Whether in Tuscany, in the Amalfi Coast, in Piedmont or in any other regions we work with, we are inspired by your happiness. That is why we always offer the best 5-star hotels of each place to provide you the best experiences. Here you can see some of our favorites and get inspired to plan your trip with us!

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