Imagine yourself in beautiful companion, driving under the blue skies of spring by the unique landscapes of Tuscany. Sinuous curves that reveal historic towns, vineyards, olive groves. Wind in your face and the unmistakable feeling: freedom.

Experiences like this - born out of the passion for Tuscany and for convertible cars - inspired the foundation of Cieli di Toscana.

Valdelirio Soares, its founder, is a true Tuscany lover. Brazilian entrepreneur, self-made man, he has built his story step by step - with commitment and determination. The desire to travel and discover the world led him to Italy, where the taste for wine and gastronomy guided him to Tuscany, where he fell in love with that land, amazed by its stunning landscapes, the culture and lifestyle. A dream was born: “I want to live here!”

That first trip was then followed by countless other ones, in order to deepen and better know and enjoy these wonders, until the dream of living part in Brazil and part in Italy became reality. Because pleasures are tastier when shared, then came the desire to bring the beauties of Tuscany at the eyes of others, leading them along magical and untouched paths.

Thus, at the beginning of 2012, Cieli di Toscana was born, initially as a company focused on rental of luxury convertible cars. Today, with broader horizons, Cieli di Toscana is a tour operator specialized in customized travels in Tuscany, allowing its customers to live unique experiences in the region.

Our Mission

Make your travel to Tuscany an unforgettable experience is our mission. We do this in a personalized way, through high standards tourism services, taking care of you from your arrival to your departure.

For us, you are the protagonist of a film that we will help to write and direct your unforgettable trip to Tuscany. Art, music, architecture, history, wine, food, convertible cars, excellent hotels, luxury and tranquility - amid gorgeous landscapes - are part of that script.

What is you dream in Tuscany? We will turn it into reality..

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“I founded Cieli di Toscana to share with you the unique and unforgettable experience of driving a convertible car immersed in the amazing beauty of the Tuscan countryside.”

Valdelirio Soares - Founder & CEO
Valdelirio Soares
Founder & CEO